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‘Bloody bandits and Western lies: What’s really going on in Syria’

Everything you’ve heard about Syria is a lie says Ankhar Kochneva, a Russian journalist who has seen first hand the realities of the Syrian...

Clinton: Russia and China will ‘pay price’ for supporting Assad

Moscow and Beijing will be punished for supporting the regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ...

Pentagon pleads with Congress for more drone money

The Pentagon is asking Congress to consider moving around US defense funds so that millions of dollars can be allocated to its overseas...

Russian warships ‘ready to sail for Syria’

It is being reported that large Russian amphibious naval ships are steaming toward the Syrian port of Tartus, where Russian civilians and naval infrastructure...

Obama administration repeatedly lies about drone kills?

If the increasingly frequent discussions about America’s drone program have you scratching your head, here’s an explanation: Obama administration officials have given inconsistent and...

Revealed: CIA secretly operates on Syrian border, supplies arms to rebels

American secret service operatives are distributing illegal assault rifles, anti-tank rocket launchers and other ammunition to Syrian opposition, the New York Times reports. But...

US military surveillance future: Drones now come in swarms?

A small insect or a mosquito over your ear may now be much more than simply annoying. Those could easily be micro drones which...

Water in blockaded Gaza ‘not fit for human consumption’

The water in Gaza is too dangerous to drink as it is contaminated with fertilizers and sewage, says a new report. Several charitable...

Russia supports Iran’s right to civil nuclear energy

President Vladimir Putin stressed at negotiations with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Thursday that Russia has always supported Tehran's right to develop a civilian...