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Golden Eye Makeup

Golden Eye Makeup


When attending an important event or celebrating a special day, you want to look as best possible and part of your look is the makeup. You might have seen all different of makeups out there but I doubt you have seen anything like this one. Not only this makeup stands out from other golden eye makeups you might have seen before but actually it is very easy to create it all by yourself.dddddd

All you need are the eye shadow colours shown in the tutorial and the will to achieve the amazing look. Start by applying foundation over your eyelid and then apply black shimmery eyeshadow by the end of your eyelid and white shimmery eyeshadow on the rest of your eyes (you might need two different brushes for this one). Apply gold shimmery eyeshadow on top of the white eyeshadow your applied previously and blend it well with the black eyeshadow you used at start. What makes this eye makeup stand out is not only the colours that being used but also the way eyeliner is being applied. At the inner corner of the eyes, the eyeliner goes out of the eye line by creating a straight line such as shown below which gives the impression of bigger eyes and the old Egyptian eyeliner style. Make sure to apply the black eyeliner on your lower lashes as well such as shown in the tutorial below. Apply black mascara and you are ready to rock the night! You only need to follow the pictures step by step for a gorgeous look.

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