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Adriana Lima and her $2 Million Bra

Adriana Lima and her $2 Million Bra


Where to look, where to look? The bra, Adriana, Adriana’s…generous bosom? A bit puzzled, huh? Well let us give you a hand: the article’s main subject is the bra. But you may look at whatever you find interesting in the picture.
So what Adriana Lima is doing here is modeling for Victoria’s Secret and their $2million Bombshell Fantasy Bra. At this point she is actually wearing 142 carats only on her chest! That means 3,000 white diamonds, not to mention the oval topazes and the sapphires. The bra is the result of a collaboration between Victoria’s Secret and Damiani. The craftsmen at the Italian Jewelry company needed 1500 of full-time work to complete the task – and there were six of them! Each stone was hand-set.
Adriana Lima – who is the mother of a one year old girl, by the way – declared herself absolutely charmed by the result of their work. She loves the push-up bra and describes it as “really amazing, amazing, beautiful” and then she ads “ It’s very comfortable, very comfortable. I feel great”. We have no choice but believe her and enjoy the picture. Because most of us will get neither the bra, nor the model ever in this lifetime.

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