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Acconciatura perfetta by Patrick Cameron


Diane- Patrick Cameron Original Halo Pad – Step by Step

1.Brush the hair into a sleek pony tail and pull fine strands from front area to create volume
2.Divide ponytail into 3 even sides and grip left and right side sections
3.Thread middle section through Halo Pad
4.Pin into place on both sides
5.Spread middle section around Halo Pad, tuck in ends and pin to secure.
6.Drape right hand section around and over base.
7.Drape left hand section around and over base.  Smooth and spray for extra hold.
8.Finished Look

Hair: Patrick Cameron
Couture: Marco Erbi
Makeup: Alison Chesterton
Photography: Fiona Compton
Styling Product: System Professional by Wella


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