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Gusto raffinato, beluga caviar

Gusto raffinato, beluga caviar


When it comes to fine foods beluga caviar is among one of the very best. Caviar is made of the roe of fish, in this case the beluga sturgeon. For many centuries caviar has been considered to be among fine foods and it thought to be a delicacy. The Romans, Greeks and Persians were very fond of it and ate it on a regular basis.
Once it was considered to be peasant food but today it is among the most expensive luxury fine foods of the very best. There are three popular types of caviar with the most popular and most expensive of these fine foods being the beluga caviar. This form of caviar is considered exceptional and varies from having a light to dark steel coloration. It also has its own flavor as do all the caviar’s.
Connoisseurs use the handle of a spoon that has been made with mother of pearl bone. Usually metals are avoided when eating beluga caviar as it impairs the flavor. Usually the less expensive of these fine foods are eaten with toast or crackers while the beluga caviar is generally eaten on its own or with very few embellishments. Beluga caviar is one of the fine foods served in many of the luxury restaurants of the very best. British chef Gordon Ramsey has beluga caviar on his menu and serves it in large quantities much to the delight of his diners, typically around 25g for each serving.
The tasting of caviar is undertaken by some of the very best chefs before it goes on their menu. The chef will usually take a spoon of caviar and put it onto the back of his hand behind his thumb. After eating the caviar he will then smell the back of his hand to ensure there is no smell of fish. If there is he may discard the whole batch of caviar.
Caviar is one of the fine foods in the world that you either take an instant attraction to, if you can afford the high cost associated with fine foods, or you immediately take a dislike to. For many of the most prestige people around the world it is considered high up on their list of fines foods and often eaten alongside one of the very best champagnes.

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