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Borsa Hermes da 1,5 mln euro

Borsa Hermes da 1,5 mln euro


Hermes Bag is a synonymous for an ultimate fashion luxury and the price for the regular one includes 4 zeros (around £10.000-Euro12.000). After “Birkin” & “Kelly” who dominated fashion for decades, Hermes has taken one (big) step further in creating its masterpiece worth £1.2 million (average 1.5 million euros).

A rose gold version of the Kelly is significantly smaller than leather version and meant to be worn as bracelet covered with 1.160 diamonds. This unique bag will be offered at auction and it’s future owner still remains unknown.

The Hermès diamond birkin bag with diamond & gold hardware was estimated to sell for 68.000 Euro – $90.000 at auction, however, the bag finally sold for an even higher price, 153.150 Euro-$203,150 with many celebrities having their eye on that bag. A while back, Victoria Beckham was seen carrying one of these birkin bags. The bag is very rare, being a limited edition, made with red colored crocodile and diamond-studded hardware. At a public auction, the Birkin bag has set a new world record for being the most expensive handbag ever sold at an auction.
“This is an extraordinary example of one of the world’s most exceptional handbags, and this was certainly an exceptional price, exceeding our highest expectations at every corner. This crocodile handbag, was one of the four Hermès handbags that broke the existing record price.”

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