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Flow Collection 2012


Soft and shiny, seem like a velvet, hair full of life invite to discover a new collection of Petra Měchurová. Hair design in many different shapes, colours and different textures charms by its master touch and refined style. Dive into deep of long hair with chameleon-like changing effect, long bob with hair flying around, or admire sharpely shaped short hair with a long fringe in movement. Colours are a game and fusion of shades, imitation of nature but here in a refined tones delicately flowing in the hair. This colour effect underlines the beauty of hair whatever the style of hair, in move or smoothed. Whatever the lenght, the hair is always very feminine, strong and self confident.


Hair: Petra Měchurová

Photograph: Anna Mrázek-Kovačič

Make-up: Markéta Šimrová

Styling: Jan Pokorný


Ms. Julie Spurná

Salon Petra Mechurova

Kralodvorska 12

110 00 Praha 1

GSM.: 00 420  775 660 707

E-mail: info@petra.mechurova.cz

Web: www.petra.mechurova.cz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/petra.mechurova

Youtube: www.youtube.com/petramechurova



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